Friday, January 13, 2012

At Least He's Honest

Sometimes I'm an inattentive parent.

I don't mean to be. I think its the combination of lack of sleep (which has caused me to completely lose my ability to maintain a train of thought...oooh look....something SHINY....where was I?) and just too much going on. Thank goodness nothing too serious has slipped by me yet. At least, not that I noticed.

But case and point, James and I were playing a game with friends and the boys were both sitting at the end of the table watching. There was a box of chocolates at the end of the table. K asked if they could have one, which of course they could. James and I keep on playing. K is playing his Nintendo DS. The house could have crashed around him and he wouldn't have noticed. C is watching K play. They're good. We're good. We're all having a good time until I look up and see that the box of chocolates is EMPTY! Nice. I was like, RIGHT THERE. Totally oblivious to my son pounding back the chocolates.

"I had one", K tells me.

"I had....dis many" C says, face covered in chocolate, holding up his entire hand. "Five, I had five."

Then he started running laps around the table.

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  1. I can SO RELATE to this. :) My husband gets so frustrated with me. Did you see the movie UP? He's always saying something "Squirrel" because of my side-tracked-ness. :) I think someday I'll catch up on sleep. Probably when I'm 60 or so.